Located in a panoramic spot at the foot of the Roman acropolis in Tivoli, this beautiful park boasts an immense natural, historical and archaeological heritage. The ceaseless work of nature and man has contributed to the creation of a wonderful landscape, featuring a combination of natural and artificial waterfalls, ravines, gorges – a source of inspiration for poets and artists – and fascinating walks through luxuriant vegetation. The Villa Gregoriana Park covers the two sides of a deep chasm, where the Aniene cascaded down for over 100 metres to the Roman countryside beneath. This part of the Tiburtine landscape is particularly attractive, characterised by fascinating cliffs, caves and waterfalls, and packed with evocative reminders of antiquity. The park is truly unique, providing an exemplary interpretation of the sublime aesthetics so beloved of the Romantic movement. Nature and artifice are so seductively interwoven here that the park provided the main subject for 19th-century paintings and drawings of Tivoli, which became an essential stop on the Grand Tour.

for more infromation see http://www.visitfai.it/parcovillagregoriana/?lang=eng


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