Villa Chui was everything we expected – and much more!
Nicola is the most accomodating host in the world and Palma & Umberto who are on site are there for everything you might need! Palma’s meals are fabulous – highly varied and innovative. We very much enjoyed meeting Nicola’s family and they were everything that you might expect, equally hospitable and helpful. Our family group of 13 came from South africa, the U.S. East Coast and West Coast and ranged in age from 13 to 85. We all had a wonderful time!! Only problem is that I, the 85 year old, on our last day experienced an atrial fibrillation without any prior symptoms. Palma had an ambulance at the villa quickly and I spent a day and a night in the Tivoli hospital which took good care of me. Nicola, no surprise, was friendly with the chief cardiologist who was very helpful. Got me stabilized and permitted us to spend a “rest” day in a comfortable hotel rather than confining me to the hospital. They then transferred me to the airport Hilton Hotel located right at the FCO airport while we waited for an alitalia non stop from Rome to lax. Upon arriving home turns out that in addition to heart issues I had pneumonia in both lungs. After a lengthy recovery I’m back to normal – but Nicola called and followed up on my progress both while I was at the Rome airport and subsequently after I returned home. I consider him a friend and a good one. Everything about the Villa is a joy, but especially the people!

B & E – Los Angeles